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Hi hi!

This is where you can start leaving me feedback.
Especially for those of you that buy non Sailor Moon items from me. ♥

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Payment and Shipping Info

I accept PayPal payments only to

All orders and questions should be e-mailed to
or you can leave me a comment LJ.

All items will be shipped via USPS.
Please include your zipcode when placing your order and I will calculate your shipping for you. 
(Shipping includes the price of shipping materials, handling fees, and delivery confirmation, and price of shipping itself)
*Each extra item purchashed from me add an extra $1.50 for shipping*
If shipping ends up costing more I will inform you but will try to keep it as low as I can.
*I can ship internationally but buyers must be prepared to pay extra for shipping.
**Once I have shipped your item; I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages! 

Please make sure that you have read the item discription carefully and asked all questions you need to know about the item. I DO NOT accept returns or refunds.

I do not hold items. Everything is first come first pay.

I work monday thru friday 830am-5pm.
I do all of my shipping saturday morning; If I am able to.
If I can make it there in time I can ship during the week.
(there's a PO that closes @530pm and it's a couple miles away from my job)
Once I have shipped your item I will send you a private message letting you know that I have done so and I will also give you your delivery confirmation number.
Once you have received your item I would very much like for you to let me know so you can leave me feedback
here and so I can do the same for you as well.

Thank you.
Xemnas Squee

Currently looking for...

Right now I am looking for several items.
I'm currently working on a SuperSM cosplay and I am wanting a crisis locket and kaleidoscope moon wand to complete it to my liking.
I'd prefer if they were used. As I will be using them for cosplay purposes.
I would feel guilty for opening/using ones that are mib, nrfb, etcetc.
Sounds and lights don't have to work. Some scratches are fine. I can always get it restored.
With or without box is fine as well.
Also I am not looking to spend a fortune on these.
That's why I'm not too picky on condition. ><"

I will be starting to collect the rpg toys here in the next couple of months though.
First loose/used rpg toys with/out box and then mint/nrfb ones! ='D

I am also looking for SMSS dvd vol 4.
Minimal scratches on disc. Must have insert in dvd case.
Below are pictures of what I'm looking for.
Collapse )